stop do not fit a smart meterIf you do not want a smart wireless meter, you are advised to send a Notice of Non-Consent to your utility company.



The Smart Meter Program is being carried out by Gas Networks Ireland and ESB Networks Ireland, and overseen by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities.

If you already had a meter replaced recently then this is likely to be a “smart” ready meter, and will later be upgraded to a smart meter by installation of a wireless communications device. If you do not want this, you must refuse this installation by sending a Notice of Non-Consent, protecting your meter, and denying access to your property.

Place a sign on your meter cabinet, your gate, front door or window refusing implied consent to installation of a smart meter. You can download  signs here, courtesy of StopSmartMetersUK   

SEND NOTICE OF NON-CONSENT  – download PDFs, sign and send  by registered post to:


NON-CONSENT ELEC PDF or Smart Meter Refusal Template pdf

Mr Pat O’Doherty, CEO, ESB Networks Ireland Headquarters, 27 Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2 AND

CEO of your Electricity  Utility Company (eg Electric Ireland, Energia, Bord Gais etc)


NON-CONSENT GAS PDF or Smart Meter Refusal Template pdf

CEO, Gas Networks Ireland Headquarters, PO Box 51, Gasworks Road, Cork, T12 RX96  AND

Chief Executive of your Gas Utility Company  (eg, Bord Gais, Flogas, Electric Ireland, Energia, etc)


You could also want to send a copy of these letters to:

Commissioner in Charge, Commission for Regulation of Utilities, Smart Metering Team, The Exchange, Belgard Square North, Tallaght, Dublin 24







Contact your local TDs and councillors.  Inform neighbours, friends, family and local residents association. Even if you do not have a smart meter, you can still be affected by radiation and dirty electriticy from your neighbours’ meters.

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